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About Miftah Concierge

Designed in the UAE, the training grounds of the Miftah Concierge Lifestyle Managers shimmer from the glitz, gold and glamour of the world’s most sophisticated destination - where expectations are at their highest and nothing, but perfection is accepted.

Miftah Concierge works in collaboration with only the finest brands and trusted partners that sometimes not even money can buy, unlocking a world of unparalleled opportunity for our members.

Image by Klyce Catipon
Oscar Kato

"Miftah Concierge was created to bring my vision to life. My dream was to create the UAE’s first home-grown lifestyle management company - one that was built on the culture and style for which this country is world-renowned. I wanted to open a world of limitless living for my clients and provide a type of service and experience that cannot be found elsewhere."

Oscar Kato


"In this modern era, time is the currency and it serves to be the great luxury of all aspects in life. That is where Miftah comes in, we make you rich in time by ensuring that your day-to-day life become easier and more convenient. So whatever may be your expectations related to luxurious experiences in life, we make it happen. And there is no better place in the world to make your dream a reality than in the UAE and we can not wait to share that with the world".

Pascaline Nkwe

Pascaline Nkwe

   Co founder


"At Miftah, we pride in the highest attention to detail for all our members and clients in every single request they place with us. No request is too big or small as we value experiences over anything. Hospitality "Culture of Care" is in our DNA, at Miftah we are creating the next big thing and we are making the impossible possible. Seen as the modern-day genies, we deliver an exceptional level of service and exclusive experience to guarantee the access of our clients to the world of supreme luxury whilst saving their valuable time to live life limitlessly."

Illyas Bafouri

Founding Partner

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