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Miftah Concierge


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Tailored Travel

Discover the world seamlessly and live limitlessly

We provide an unmatched personal travel service that is beyond the expectation of even the world’s most discerning travellers, always one step ahead and are consistently available at a moment’s notice to ensure that they live each moment to its fullest during their adventure. 

Then we open the doors to money-can’t-buy, sold-out, and off the beaten tourist track experiences that are only available to few.

Enlighten all the senses in endless indulgence

Luxury Lifestyle Services

Unparalleled and eclectic experiences delivered in decadent style.

Miftah’s Concierge’s exclusive industry connections paired with an impeccable eye for standard, quality and luxury ensures that every aspect of our members’ lifestyle is planned with both meticulous detail and sophisticated spontaneity.

Miftah Concierge

Health Wealth Management

Discover truly personalised and holistic wellbeing

At the heart of our membership service is health and wellbeing because above all, health is the most important wealth in the world.

Miftah Concierge is part of a privileged network of health and wellbeing providers, and working with leading independent wellness consultants, we provide our members with nothing but the best in personalised health and wellbeing solutions.

We create a personal plan for your wellness journey and take care of everything else so that you can just focus on being present.

Personal & Executive Services

Uncompromised support for life's goals  

Miftah Concierge provides unlimited personalised support for the everyday matters that matter the most to our members’ homes and lifestyle.  From all aspects of domestic and family organisation through to personal development, Miftah Concierge is there to support through all steps of life.

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Relocation & Real Estate

Serenity in each step of the journey

Miftah Concierge works with leading real estate and rental consultants and high-quality relocation entities to ensure that our members experience a seamless and stress-free process wherever in the world they’re relocating or expanding.

  • Real estate purchase and rental

  • Packing, moving, and shipping

  • Refurbishment & interior design.

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