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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Dubai is not only a hotspot for luxury shopping, lavish nightlife, and memorable activities, it is also an oasis for extraordinary experiences.

With Cafes being a crucial part of the city’s social life and for others, an essential part of a lifestyle, it takes more than a delicious cup of coffee to qualify as a good coffee experience. And no, we’re not referring to those perfect aesthetic cafes with fancy cups or bohemian décor.

We were curious to find more than just a cup of coffee, but a lifestyle activity paired with the perfect brew. Here are 5 peculiar places which offer more than just an aromatic coffee while you wait for cooler days.


As you enter you are greeted by the luscious greenery that surrounds the cozy seating that gives you the illusion of sitting in the middle of a garden.

This charming Villa is not only a café, it is home to a perfumery, which features niche perfumes, a salon for perfume consultations and presentations as well as a laboratory specifically designed for perfume workshops.

A little birdie told me there will soon be a restaurant as well.

So, whether you are a perfume lover or simply a coffee enthusiast, Villa 515 is the right place to stimulate all your senses.


The warmness of the terracotta-colored walls captures you with a sense of grounding, while the name “Samadhi”, meaning the highest state of intense concentration achieved through meditation, sets the tone to its tranquil ambiance.

This wellness sanctuary represents the four elements of nature – earth, water, sun, and air – which makes it a sacred place for anyone to escape their busy schedules and re-connect with themselves.

Not only can you find your inner peace with their yoga classes, dipping in the private pool or experiencing the hair therapy treatments, but you can peacefully sip your cup of coffee paired with a healthy bite from the curated menu while getting some work done.


Looking like a playfully drawn filled chalk board from afar, this space is for sure a haven for anyone in the mood for art. With its event space, art gallery, library, and concept store offering non-branded artisanal products, the venue gathers art enthusiasts and creatives which forms a community of like-minded people.

Imagine all that whilst enjoying your coffee at the back yard of the gallery. Its ever changing and diverse art display gives you even more reason to keep coming back.


Teleportation is possible! Once you step into Villa Margot, you step into a perfect incarnation of what you would imagine as a Provençal home. First opened as a floral atelier, then a boutique with the finest handpicked art, bohemian fashion and recently added café turned Villa Margot into a dreamy concept store.

The subtle yet well-planned ambiance and the friendly faces you see at this place, while you enjoy specialty coffee and deserts, is a great pair to plan for quality time with your loved ones while you get the opportunity to create masterpieces with their elegant seasonal flowers during their flower workshop.


A true hidden treasure for sure – even the parking is a block away. Only the red heart on the corner will give you a hint that there is more than what meets the eye. Tucked away in Al Barsha South, this rustic hidden gem will definitely win your heart with their delicious and yet simple dishes that you get to see being prepared in their open kitchen, while listen to some golden oldies of the vinyl record player.

If you know the name behind the concept, you will understand where the quirky artistic look comes from. Rami Farook, an Emirati Artist, rewarded GQ men of the year 2022 due to his tremendous contribution towards the regions design community, demonstrates he’s very own approach of hospitality.

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