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With Khalidah, our Miftah Elite members are guaranteed a timely response of 60 seconds in their most convenient preferred language of communication as she is able to escalate urgent member requests. For example, medical concerns like ambulance requests or emergencies that require instant action to create an intuitive user interface.

In addition, Khalidah can be integrated into existing applications to provide a more seamless and proactive user experience for our members. On applications like Google Maps/ Calendar, she is able to monitor heavy traffic and weather conditions then alert our members to ensure they live in the moment and are up to date depending on the days schedule and itinerary as arranged by the Miftah lifestyle managers.

Our Founder - Christopher Oscar Kato quotes, "We have worked passionately all summer to create a seamless digital experience for our members like no other, the beauty about Khalidah too is that she is able to learn and improve over time. The more our members use her, the more she becomes more efficient and accurate."

We are proud of being part of this digital journey as the first private concierge company to take the member experience to the next level.

For member inquiries and feedback - drop us a mail -

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